Swiss Resort Cools Glaciers With Blankets

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Swiss Resort has come up with a very unique idea to keep the glaciers cool. The world is tormented by the ill effects of global warming. Temperatures of the Earth have gone up alarmingly. They are causing the glaciers to melt. The melting of glaciers is a very serious issue. It has to be put on a check or else we will be facing serious consequences. The melting of glaciers will make the sea level rise. This could result in a catastrophic flood. The impact of the flood has been estimated to be huge.

It can wash out entire cities and civilizations. Another downside to the glaciers melting is the release of unknown disease-causing viruses. The world is already coping with a deadly pandemic. We do not know what viruses and bacteria are trapped under the ice sheets. Melting of ice could free them and in turn, cause a devastating impact on the world. To stem the melting, a Swiss Resort uses blankets to keep them cold. Let us discuss the procedure in detail below.

Swiss Resort Prevents The Glaciers With Blankets

A Swiss ski resort has a unique method of protecting the glaciers from melting. Blankets are generally used by humans to keep themselves warm during the winter. The woolen blankets provide insulation that keeps the body heat trapped. However, a reverse procedure is being followed in the Alpine regions. 

The process of laying a blanket over the ice is carried out on Mount Titlis. The mountain range is in danger of losing all of its ice covers in fifty years. To slow down the phenomena, employees from the Swiss resort devote a chunk of their time. Approximately 5-6weeks are invested in laying white fleeces made of polyester all over the area. The white blanket reflects the sun’s rays keeping the ice intact. The employees very carefully take off the sheets. Any cracks are then filled up with Ice. 

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The Swiss Resort has done great work in expanding the ice cover. Workers have so far covered an area of 100,000 sq m. A study conducted in 2019 stated that thirty percent of the Alps ice is likely to melt within 2100. If global warming cannot be checked, ninety percent of glaciers will be wiped out. 

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