Syrian Oil Spill Could Impact Cyprus Waters By Wednesday

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Syrian Oil Spill has caused a huge mess across the Mediterranean Sea. The oil is expanding at a rapid pace all over the Mediterranean. Learn More The spill is speculated to be endangering a lot of aquatic species. A large number of fish are feared to lose their lives. This kind of oil spill affects marine life to a large extent. The oil not only inflicted hazards in Syria but it is becoming a matter of concern for other countries as well. One cannot contain spilled oil in the sea. The Cyprus government has expressed its concerns over the oil reaching the outskirts of the country. The Syrian Oil Spill is expected to expand to Cyprus within Wednesday. 

Syrian Oil Spill Threatens To Become An Environmental Catastrophe

The Syrian Oil Spill is expanding. It is all over the Mediterranean and is threatening to cause environmental damage to countries like Cyprus. The biggest refinery in Syria was the culprit for the leaking oil. The thermal power plant had a fuel-filled tank amounting to 15000 tons. An official statement was issued about the oil leak. It stated that the oil had been leaking since 23rd August. According to the latest reports, the leaking has been said to be under control.

On analyzing the satellite images, a shocking revelation came out. The magnitude of the spill was far larger than initially anticipated. The Syrian Oil Spill covered a massive area of 800sq km. This was equivalent to the size of  York City. 

The oil was just 4 miles away from the coastline of Cyprus. The Cyprus Fisheries and Marine Department expected the oil to show up within 24 hours. A Syrian citizen expressed his anger over the whole incident. He lashed out at the government’s inability to stem the oil. The resident said that hose pipes and sponges are not enough to clean the mess. The resident further pointed out that this incident was unwanted and could have been avoided.

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A lot of families depend on the sea for their livelihood. All of them will now be in danger of losing their jobs. Turkey has been called in to combat the oil from expanding. The Syrian Oil Spill should be taken care of immediately. This is the second biggest oil leak in the Mediterranean for 2021. 

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