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baby elephant

Cute Baby Elephant Caught Playing With Water, Netizens Pour Their Heart Out

It is time for a splash! This is not the first time a baby elephant has stolen the hearts of all the social media...

Prosthetic Legs Allows Baby Elephant To Walk Again In Northern Thailand

Prosthetic limbs were made and used for humans so far but now they are being accessed by animals as well. The first elephant hospital...

Adorable Baby Elephant Operates Hand Pump Using Trunk To Quench His Thirst

It seems elephants have a special place in the hearts of those on the internet. And if it’s a baby elephant, then it is...

Baby Elephant Rushes To Save “Drowning” Man, As Another Lesson To Humanity

Recently an immensely cruel incident had taken place in the Indian state of Kerala. Many who got to know of the incident began doubting...

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