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Dolphins Still Haunted From Oil Spill At Deepwater Horizon

Dolphins are one of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. They are very jolly and love to get the attention of humans. There...

Almost 1500 Dolphins Have Been Cruelly Massacred In Faroe Islands

12th September, Sunday is now going to be known as one of the cruelest and bloodiest days regarding dolphins. Jet-skis and boats chased ashore...

Dolphins Affected By Fatal Skin Disease Worldwide: Climate Change Culprit

The Centre for Marine Mammals and researchers from Australia have collaborated on a dolphin study that has revealed horrifying findings. The increasing severity and...

Smart Dolphins Helps In Rescuing Stranded Swimmer

Dolphins always had a history of being friendly towards the man. There have been innumerable adorable stories involving dolphins and humans. A recent incident...

Dolphins Treat Visitors On Paddleboard

Dolphins are aquatic mammals found widely in the oceans. They belong to the Infraorder Cetacea species. Dolphins are much less harmful and usually are...

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