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environmental sustainability

Sustainable Investments By 7 Global Celebrities Who Have Gone On To Make A Difference

Sustainable investments have now become a necessity and popular celebrities are coming forward in order to help the planet replenish. The finest and most...

With Biodiversity Threat Looming Large, Here Are Ways To Prevent Them!

Biodiversity is one of the most important concepts every human being must understand in order to survive on this planet. It basically means that...

Reports On Environmental Risks Shows 100 Cities Under Threat; 43 Of Them Lie In India

There are a total of 414 cities that are considered to be highly at environmental risk since they suffer from pollution, extreme heat, water...

Plastic Pollution Prevention Takes Another Step With Bamboo Water Bottles

Under the new motto of ‘Make in India’, an entrepreneur from Assam has come up with an innovative invention. This product will be of...

1st Amazon Environmental Sustainability & Fiscal Program Approved By World Bank

Recently the Board of Directors of the World Bank have eventually approved the first-ever Amazon Financial and Environmental Sustainability Program. This project is aiming...

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