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single-use plastics

Philippines Man Planning To Convert Single-Use Plastics Trash Into A Home!

Winchester Lemen, from the Philippines, had made up his mind to do something about the huge landfills of single-use plastics. So he recycled them...

Australian States In A Race To Rid Single-Use Plastics: A Shining Example For World Politics

Two state governments in Australia are setting an example of how to fight the crisis created by single-use plastics. The states of New South...

The Single-Use Plastics Offenders: 20 Firms Behind Half The Global Output Of The Toxic Waste

Stroll along any coastline and you will be assailed by the sight of different types of single-use plastics on the beaches. And while it...

Plastic Straws Become A New Threat As Plastic Pollution Strangles Marine Life

Plastic pollution has been one of the most alarming concerns for humankind for the past few decades. Recently, plastic straws have emerged as a...

Plastic Waste Producers Index Names the Biggest Companies Responsible

It has been recently brought to our knowledge that only 20 companies are the biggest producer of plastic waste all over the world. According...

Quitting Single-Use Plastics: A Major Step Towards Building A Safer World

Scientists have been sending out red alerts for a long time that the disposal of all waste matter is not proper. Hence, the greatest...

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