The Indian Coastline Affected By Severe Erosion

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Indian Coastline has been severely affected by erosion. A recent report was published by the Union Ministry Of Earth Sciences. These reports stated some shocking facts. 27% of the Indian Coastline suffered an expansion in the last 28 years. The coastlines also eroded by 32percent in the mentioned period. The shores have taken a hit from 1990 to 2018.

Out of all the coastlines, West Bengal seems to have suffered the worst. Almost 60% of it was eroded. Other states ranking in the top ten are Puducherry, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Orissa, Karnataka, Maharashtra & Goa.

The estimated coastline of India was measured at 6631.53 km. 1760.06 km was expanded throughout twenty-eight years. Parshottam Rupala is the Union Minister Of Fisheries. He brought up the fact in a session of Lok Sabha on 10th August 2021. Coastal pockets amounting to 98 face erosion from the sea. 

Indian Coastline Needs Immediate Revival 

The eroding coastline of India has drawn some serious attention. The percentage of erosion that occurred during the short period is alarming. Investigations have been carried out to determine the causes of erosion. The most common cause of the depletion is said to be natural. However, humans can not be given a clean cheat. The pollutants produced from human activities cause severe repercussions in nature. 

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The eroding coastlines have a high impact on the people dwelling nearby. Fishermen are the community most suffered by erosion. The NCCR works in tandem with the Earth Science Ministry. Rupala stated that the NCCR has surveyed the coastline. It has studied the changes the land has experienced over the recent past. Several other organizations take up the mantle of analyzing the behavioral changes in the coast. 

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The Indian Coastline needs serious attention. The amount of erosion experienced by the soil in recent years is alarming. Organizations need to step up and keep a check on the health of the coast. Proper planning should be done to stem the erosion. Anti erosion measures need to be undertaken in order to stem the depletion.

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