The Las Vegas Decorative Grass Ban: An Emergency To Tackle Drought

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The Southwestern states have taken their first step by implementing The Las Vegas Decorative Grass Ban.

A drought is on the prowl, devastating the region. The legislators in Nevada stepped in and took a decision to ban “ornamental grass” and non-functional turfs in the city of Las Vegas. They will have to be replaced by desert landscaping.

Other cities have implemented similar bans, but those are temporary. 

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The Las Vegas Decorative Grass Ban: A Brief On The Ban

Las Vegas Decorative Grass Ban

The Las Vegas Decorative Grass Ban is the first permanent ban, imposed only on ornamental grass. It is applicable to places like offices, streets, and housing estates. Golf courses, parks, and family homes are excluded. Homeowners can receive $3/sq ft if they remove their turfs from the front yard. This Las Vegas decorative grass ban has been successful till now.

Steve Sisolak has stated that the residents need to be more conscious about conserving natural resources. Steve is the Governor of Nevada, who signed this legislation. 

The Southern Nevada Water Authority had pushed for this ban. The Southern Nevada Homebuilders’ Association assisted them in doing that. The house developers have stopped constructing new homes with grassy front yards. 

This Las Vegas decorative grass ban will save 10% of the River water. Around 5,000 acres of grass is expected to be removed.

All this was possible due to information handouts, rebate programs, and advertisements. The people were made aware of drought-tolerant landscaping. 

These efforts will save water by gallons but the relief is not likely to arrive now. Wildfires have become common in dry forests and the water reservoirs have reduced to extreme levels. 

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Lead Mead has fallen to its lowest level since 1936. Its current capacity is at 36%.

The Colorado River Dam provides the necessary drinking water to the Americans living there. Las Vegas gets 90% of its water from this river. The reduction of snowfall has decreased the flow of this river. This in turn has reduced the level of Lake Mead.

Las Vegas Decorative Grass Ban

The Las Vegas Decorative Grass Ban is very needed at this time to give a boost to save water, while the officials are on the way to declare a Level 1 Water Shortage in the State.

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