Thirsty Elephant Quenches Thirst After Stopping Water Tanker Amid Festivity

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It is a popularly known fact that elephants are very intelligent beings and their intelligence has been seen by the world many times before through several incidents. They have an acute ability to solve problems and their power of understanding is indeed admirable. Recently, a video has become viral in which a thirsty elephant does something extraordinary to quench its thirst.

The clip that has already taken the netizens by surprise shows the thirsty elephant is trying to drink water from a water tanker. This video has become viral on all the social platforms and a lot of people all over the world have already liked and shared it in large numbers. 

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The main reason behind this craze over the video is that the thirsty elephant can be seen signaling the driver of the water tanker to stop the vehicle. After he stops the water tanker, the elephant opens the lid of the water tanker to drink the water. Such gentle and comprehensible actions by an elephant have certainly taken everyone by a pleasant surprise and intrigued the viewers. 

Video Goes Viral For Thirsty Elephant 

This viral video is obviously very intriguing and eye-catching which has led to the massive number of views garnered by the clip. In the video, the driver of the tanker can be seen looking very perturbed at first when the elephant strides towards his vehicle. Like most other people, the driver also looks nervous and scared thinking that the thirsty elephant might harm him or damage his water tanker. 

However, this was not the case. In order to calm the driver down and request him to stop the tanker, Siddharth Singh was there to explain things to him. Siddharth Singh is the son of Anand Singh who is the Forest Minister of the state of Karnataka. Siddharth Singh was accompanying the elephant in order to maintain peace and harmony and avoid any form of chaos. 

After the vehicle stops, the elephant signals the driver to open the lid of the water tanker. Soon after the lid was opened, this thirsty elephant was drinking water to quench his thirst. At this very moment, the numerous people gathered around to see this event take place live in front of their eyes also made sure to capture it. The people captured this incident with the help of their phone cameras and later uploaded it on social platforms for other people across the world to also witness this wondrous event. 

Wondrous Behaviour Of Elephants 

This strange incident of this thirsty elephant took place in the state of Karnataka. Moreover, the incident unfolded during the time of the Hampi procession. This elephant had been moving along peacefully with the Hampi procession until it became thirsty and stopped the tanker. In addition, after quenching his thirst, the elephant again started moving ahead with the procession. 

Hampi is recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO and is located in the central part of Karnataka. The festival of Hampi Utsav is conducted in order to pay homage to the traditions and culture of the Vijaynagar empire which is an ancient dynasty of India. Furthermore, Hampi is situated almost 376 km away from Bengaluru. Hampi also shelters over 1,600 surviving remains of the last greatest Hindu kingdom present in South India. 

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Under normal circumstances, the Hampi festival attracts visitors from across the globe and is normally celebrated over 3 days. Nonetheless, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the festival has been pared down to only a 1-day celebration. The behavior of the thirsty elephant certainly took everyone by great surprise and added a wondrous element to the celebrations.

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