Thirsty Squirrel Trusts Human In Search Of Water

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A recent video of a thirsty squirrel has been tugging on the hearts of netizens. In Arizona, a small squirrel was seen drinking some water. Fortunately, he pleaded with the right man who promptly gave the little critter a full bottle. The thirsty squirrel wasted no time in having its fill.

In the short video, the little grey squirrel is seen being given a drink by a man from a water bottle. It was comfortably lying down while the man nursed the little critter. The squirrel is seen clinging onto the man’s hand as it drank the water.

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The man then holds the bottle at a height where the thirsty squirrel can get to it. The little critter frantically gulps all the water in it as fast as possible. It did not mind being soaked because of the water. It took less than half a minute for the rodent to finish the last drop in the bottle. The man then petted the squirrel while it happily nestled inside his hand. It even started curiously climbing the man’s arm.

The Thirsty Squirrel Was Thirsty For Love Too

However, at the behest of several replies asking for what happened in the end, a second part of the video was posted. In it, an even more wholesome scene unfolded. The thirsty squirrel, in the clip, peacefully slept while being cradled by the arm of the man. With his other arm, he was petting the thirsty squirrel.

This bizarre interaction was videoed and posted on TikTok originally by the people accompanying the man. Needless to say, it has since gone viral. It has been watched over 700,000 times on the social media site, Twitter. On Twitter, the video was posted by Danny Deraney, the entertainment publicist. The clip is only 41 seconds long.

Many from the audience were surprised at seeing the thirsty squirrel knowing what it wants. The surprise did not end there, of course. Afterward, the audacity of the thirsty squirrel to plead for the drink by latching on to the man’s arm was also a thing of wonder. Then there was the last part where it knew how to drink water from a bottle.

A few replies said that this was not a rare occurrence. Baby squirrels apparently will openly approach humans if they need help. Others posted pictures of their own little squirrels. Many stories were shared like one squirrel being saved by a family’s pet dog during a storm. Other viewers were full of praise for the care shown by the man. Some were even jealous of what took place.

The Incident Is Not To Be Imitated

However, the sweet incident was not all smiles and rainbows. The overall wholesome mood was a bit soured when some pointed out that a thirsty squirrel is possibly not a good sign. There must have been something that had gone wrong for a thirsty squirrel to ask for water from humans.

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Moreover, recently in the US, a squirrel had been tested for the bubonic plague. Alarmingly, it had returned positive. So, it is time to be cautious around small critters like squirrels. The tested squirrel was from Morrison. It is also the first recorded case of the plague in the US. Public Health Offices had immediately issued a statement warning people to always have ample precautions because of infectious diseases like the plague. There was also a warning that even a flea can spread the disease. The tissue and blood of animals infected can also spread the disease to humans via contact.

All Image credits: Danny Deraney

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