This Green Newspaper Gives Back To The Earth

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Green Newspapers are the newest eco-friendly sources of getting your daily news in the morning.

You might choose to recycle your newspapers or even save them for packing stuff. Well, a Japanese publishing house allows you to be able to grow herbs with it.

The Green Newspaper: About Plantable Paper

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The “Green Newspaper” was invented by the publisher of The Mainichi Shimbunsha, which is a popular Japanese daily.

The Green Newspaper was published on May 4, 2016, to commemorate “Greenery Day”. This special edition was dedicated to news related to the environment and was printed on 100% biodegradable paper with plant-based ink. The paper was also embedded with seeds, so when you plant it, those would grow into flowers and attract butterflies or other pollinators. It could also grow into edible herbs.

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The publisher had listed instructions where the user had to tear the discarded newspaper into small pieces, plant the pieces in the soil, and water the content, just like any other plant.

The Conception Of The Green Newspaper

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The concept behind this Green newspaper was invented by Dentsu Inc. They are one of the largest advertising agencies in Japan and work in tandem with The Mainichi.

The publisher believes that environmental sustainability is a core value and has turned that into his mission.

The publisher of the Green Newspaper gave additional lessons on environmental issues in Japanese schools and used the paper as the core learning tool. He also arranged public events where people learned how to plant this paper and gave them lessons on sustainability and recycling.

This initiative had reached a whopping 4.6 million people and had accumulated over $700,000 for the publisher. It had also generated over 80 million yen worth of media coverage that caused a sensation and won the hearts of millions on the Internet.

Around 4 million copies are circulated in the country, daily. The initiative had underscored the Green Newspaper’s ability to reach the corners of the country and to influence the people to pay attention to the environment. 

Other such initiatives are also seen in India and several companies in the US have started producing plantable paper for making notecards, wrapping paper, and other stationeries.

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Approximately 95 million trees are sacrificed for producing newspapers every year. The internet has impacted how people look at the news and the print readership has declined drastically. The reinvention and reimagination of this paper can bring about a revolution in the publishing industry as well as leave its footprints on the environment.

Image credit: One Earth

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