This Hugging Kangaroo Cannot Stop Thanking Her Saviors

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Humans and animals both have feelings. In fact, the love of an animal is usually much purer than that of humans. Almost every day we are reminded just how pure they can be. Out of all of them, there are hardly any better examples than that of Abigail the kangaroo. She was a rescue and her story is sure to melt your heart.

In a sanctuary in Australia, there are several kangaroos. Abigail is one of them. But all the other kangaroos are busy enjoying their newly re-discovered freedom. Of course, searching for food all around the place is one of their favorite activities too. But one Kangaroo stands out in her behavior. Abigail spends almost the entirety of her time hugging her rescuers whenever she spots them. The warm hug is one of the cutest and most adorable stories we have ever seen.

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The story has really touched us, so as usual, we are sharing it with our dear readers. Let us know if it touches you just as much.

The Tragic Story Of The Kangaroo

There are few creatures out there who are as affectionate as Abigail. But she had a rather tragic childhood. It was not sweet at all. Abigail’s mother died at the young age of just 5 months. But, fortunately, she managed to make her way to Australia’s Kangaroo Sanctuary. The Sanctuary’s volunteers welcomed poor Abigail with arms wide open, ever since Abigail arrived.


Since then, Abigail spends almost all of her time showing how thankful she is to the saviors at the Sanctuary. The way she expresses her emotions can leave no room for any doubt. She has spent over ten years at the sanctuary. However, she still does not miss a chance to show her thankfulness to the human volunteers who cared for her in her time of distress.

Interestingly, kangaroos are believed to possess long memories, one of the longest in the animal kingdom. They are also believed to form extremely dear relationships with their caregivers, regardless if they are humans. Australia’s Kangaroo Sanctuary is one of the best real-life examples of this phenomenon.

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Chris Bolga had founded the Kangaroo Sanctuary in 2006. It is a non-profit sanctuary. He decided to create the sanctuary for the kangaroos after he saw that the closest rescue center for animals was at a distance of 1,500 Km. The Kangaroo Sanctuary is situated on the outskirts of a place called Alice Springs. The sanctuary specializes in caring for kangaroos. It also offers a unique treatment for rehabilitating kangaroos that have lost their parents.

The Importance Of Such Sanctuaries

Not just in Australia, but all around the world, such sanctuaries are essential for protecting kangaroos. Sanctuaries like the one in Alice Springs are amazing in the amount of difference they are making.



Through Abigail’s story, we also get to know first-hand how important it can be to help someone in need. They can be eternally grateful, and always appreciative. We can also take a page out of Abigail’s story about expressing our thankfulness to those who help us.

There is hardly any better way of expressing thankfulness than the way Abigail does it. It is possibly one of the purest and most charming ways of doing it.

Kangaroos are not the only ones, though. Some time back, an elephant cared for a vet who had saved its life. In another story from India, an elephant had turned up at his lifetime Mahout’s funeral, to bid farewell to his companion. There are also multiple stories of dogs saving the lives of their owners.


So let us know if you still believe animals do not have feelings. We would say, they can feel even more than how we are right now. 

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