Three Kind Horses Look After Unattended Baby Fawn

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It is a known fact that animals share emotional bonds and care deeply for their own kind. Sometimes their protective instincts go beyond their own species. The incident of the 3 kind horses is just one of the many that stand as testimony to it. Animals watching out for other animals is always a heart-warming scene, even more so when they are of different species.

Kind Horses

Horses are known to be kind and gentle animals. An incident involving three horses and a fawn on a ranch outside Steamboat Springs in Routte Country, Colorado left everyone feeling warm and fuzzy inside. This incident was documented by Kally May.

Kind Horses Spotted Looking After Orphaned Fawn

Kind Horses

Kally noticed a possibly orphaned fawn was surrounded by three horses that belonged to the ranch. The three horses kept the small fawn company and looked after it. The horses showered the adorable baby deer with affection and kept any predators at bay.

Kally May was quoted saying, “The horses were being protective from predators”. She wanted to help the fawn, who was then being taken care of by the kind horses. 

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She was asked to not do so by the local wildlife division. Very often becomes an issue to reunite the fawns with their mothers when well-intentioned people try to help the seemingly motherless fawns. Mother deer are known to leave their fawns in a safe place to go look for food since it can very dangerous. The mothers usually return by twilight. In some cases, the mothers come back for their young ones the day after.

Kind Horses

Kally did as she was directed and left the fawn with the three gentle horses but kept a vigilant eye on them.

The fawn had a once-in-a-lifetime experience and had not one but three kind horses as her babysitters. Kally informed the local authorities that the mother had come back for the young fawn the next day.

It was a perfect ending to the first of the fawn’s many adventures, all thanks to the three very kind and responsible horses.

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