Tiger Farming Practised Illegally In Asia

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Tiger Farming has been a recent trend that has become widely popular. The trend has gained momentum predominantly in some parts of Asia. Tigers are one of the majestic wild animals. 

They are the largest living species of cats and belong to the group called genus Panthera. The most commonly found species of tiger are orange in color. They are quite distinctive in nature for their black stripes. 

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A tiger usually dwells in dense forests. However, over the last few decades, poaching has become an area of concern. The illegal killing of tigers has become increasingly popular. Forest rangers have to keep a close eye for the poachers. 


However, it is not possible for the officers to monitor every part of the forest. This has resulted in a rapid decline in the number of tigers worldwide. The species has been listed on the IUCN Red List and faces the threat of extinction. 

A latest practice has attracted the eyes of many. In several parts of Asia, the trend of tiger farming is gaining momentum. This is a shocking revelation as it is one of the most hostile environments for a wild animal. 

The tigers are kept inside small metal cages. Although the authorities claim the area to be a zoo, the reality is much more different. These farms are a breeding ground for the tigers. What is heartbreaking is the fact that authorities separate the cubs from their mother within days of being born. 

The tigers are then killed mercilessly for various purposes. The practice of Tiger Farming is very much common in countries like Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, and China. The authorities term the items made from tigers as ” luxury” commodities. 

These items are sold for insane price tags in the market. Let us learn more about Tiger Farming in detail below. 

Tiger Farming: An Illegal Industry

Tiger Farming has become one of the beaming businesses in Asia. A number of items are being made from the dead tiger. The bones of the tigers are separated after killing them. 

They broil the bones and process them into a liquid. This liquid is termed “Tiger Wine”, which is one of the most expensive wines. The fur of the tigers is another one of the most expensive items. They are turned into pelts and stuffed. 

The stuffing looks like a roaring tiger which is then sold in the market. Even the meat of the tiger is being sold at restaurants. Debbie Banks is an investigator of animal crimes. She went to one such tiger farming area in Laos. What she saw was absolutely heartbreaking. 

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Banks stated that various illegal products made from wild animals were being sold. What was more shocking was that they were sold out in the open

 Apart from stuffed tigers, there were horns of rhinoceros and ivory. Even the scales of the pangolin were out on display. 

Tiger Farming Needs To Be Stopped

The inhuman practice of Tiger Farming needs to be stopped soon. Banks tried all she could to put an end. She documented her visit and reported the same to the government. 

The government did help but it was not enough. The authorities did a mere documentary on the illegal business. It was televised on the national media. However, this did not help the cause as no one was arrested. 

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Picture: Environmental investigation Agency. A Tiger farm in the Golden Triangle special economic zone in Bokoeo Province, Laos. Re Debbie Banks, environmental campaigner

Wildlife enthusiasts are highly concerned about the growing popularity of Tiger Farming. There are very few tigers left in the world. 

Killing them at such a rapid pace would result in their extinction much more quickly than expected.  

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