Tiny Bird Relaxes In Its Beautiful Petal Bathtub: Perfect Capture

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Indian wildlife photographer Rahul Singh has spent the last six years pointing his camera at the wildlife in Jalpaiguri, his home. He has candid snaps with monkeys, jackals, deer, rhinos, and elephants. But he admits that his best subjects are the colorful tiny birds that build nests in the city.

In August 2020, he stumbled upon a moment that stunned him for a while. In an interview with The Dodo, he said that he had gone to a location where ornamental banana bushes. The bushes were set up just so people could photograph sunbirds while they suck out its nectar. At the start, everything was just as usual. But then he was shocked by what happened next.


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He was focusing on a particular crimson sunbird. The bird seemingly started bathing in the water that was stored inside the petal of the banana flower. The flower of the banana is red in color and is shaped like a bowl. There was a drizzle earlier in the morning, which had resulted in water being collected inside the petal. The tiny bird was only 4 inches long. So it decided to not waste the water. The day was hot, and it was the perfect opportunity for a refreshing bath.

A Perfect Time For A Quick Bath For The Tiny Bird

The tiny bird had just finished filling her stomach with all the nectar it could hold. Then the crimson tiny bird started using the banana petal as its luxurious bathtub. Singh said that this was the first time he had seen something like that in all the years he has spent bird-watching.

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He was quite stunned by the behavior, which was unusual, to say the least. Of course, he did not miss the chance either and kept pressing down on the button for the shutter of his camera. As a result, we got the marvelous shot of the tiny bird taking her bath.

Singh was extremely happy to be able to capture the moment which was similar to a fairytale. Later on, he posted the pictures on Instagram. Thousands were instantly touched by the scene. Singh marveled at nature’s ability to keep surprising us

All Image credits: Rahul Singh

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