Tira, The Unique Zebra!

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Tira is a zebra dwelling in the forests of Kenya. Zebras are usually found in the African continent. The most common feature that makes them stand out is their unique pattern. The zebras possess a unique pattern of black and white stripes running all over their body.

Zebras are usually of three types- The Grévy’s zebra, the plains zebra, and the mountain zebra. These animals share their genes with that of asses and horses. This is the reason they have a striking resemblance to horses in terms of physical structure. A zebra has been found in Kenya that seems to be lacking the most unique feature. A zebra named Tira has been spotted without the black and white stripes! Let us dig deep into the story and find out more about Tira below. 

Tira: A Polka Dotted Wonder


Ever heard of a zebra without its traditional black and white stripes? No? Well, here is a fascinating piece of news that will surely leave everyone stunned. Nature has always managed ways to marvel at us. The latest account is the exact proof of it. A young zebra at the Mara Reserve of Kenya has been spotted with polka dots! The unique zebra was first photographed back in 2019. Several wildlife photographers were searching for rhinoceros when they came across this beauty. Frank Liu was one of the photographers from the group. He could not hold back his excitement after seeing the zebra. Liu stated that he was taken aback and thought it to be a new species altogether. 

The zebra is named after the photographer that clicked it first- Antony Tira. He also serves as a Masai guide. Antony stated that initially, he mistook the pattern to be artificial. The polka dots were so amazing that he thought someone had painted him for relocation purposes. 

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The unique pattern of Tira is the solitary account recorded in the Masai Mara. Researchers stated that this was the result of a rare disorder in the genes. The abnormal portrayal of patterns is termed pseudo-melanism. 

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