‘Too Good To Go’ App Is Spreading Across The US In An Attempt To Save Food Waste

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Boston and New York have been getting the benefits of the astounding work done by Too Good To Go since 2020. It is an app that helps in reducing food waste produced by grocery stores and restaurants that is normally thrown in cheap ‘surprise bags’.

Too Good To Go offers almost a dozen bagels at just $3.99 and provides a complete vegan bowl at just $5.99. This app makes it possible to save several delicious meals and offers them to people at unbelievably low prices. The app was launched a year ago in the US and the rapid success has resulted in expanding across the country in various cities.

Lucie Basch, the co-founder of Too Good To Go, was recently interviewed. She was asked about her inspiration to launch such an innovative yet exemplary app that has garnered such huge success in a short span of time. They even asked her about their expansion plans and more.

Basch has informed that they are extremely thrilled with the responses from people all over the US. This makes them perpetually inspired to carry on the amazing work. Moreover, an increasing number of restaurants are now willing to join them in taking action to combat food waste in a sustainable manner. In addition, she said that they are hoping to take more initiative and expand their app against food waste and seek sustainable solutions.

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‘Too Good To Go’ Saves Food Sustainably

Too Good To Go

Lucie Basch seemed visibly excited regarding their future prospects and expansion all over the country. This is more so since the app was started in 2015 in Denmark. It is accessible in countries like England, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, and Germany.

Finally, they debuted in the US in 2020 September and successfully managed to amass more than 650,000 users, added over 2,000 food retailers and restaurant partners, and saved upwards of 250,000 meals nationwide.

Basch has further added that they are delighted to be of service at Bay Area recently along with an opening in Portland and Seattle. They also intend to open up in numerous big US cities within 2021 and plan to be accessible in every city across North America. Presently they are focused on raising awareness regarding food waste. They want people to understand the implications of wasting food on climate change and think of proper solutions.

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Changes In Food Industry

Too Good To Go

Basch also mentioned that their goals also include making changes in the food industry with better food policies. They have already collaborated with major food brands for labeling campaign that gives rise to food waste.

They created an agreement on anti-food waste in France that includes Danone and Nestle to make changes in their date labels. The ‘best before’ as well as ‘use by’ labels create confusion regarding the products and result in increased waste. Such changes will eventually lead to improved practices in waste prevention.

She has shared her inspiration that basically when she witnessed a local bakery throwing huge amounts of edible products. Then she thought that if these waste products must be gathered and donated that will ultimately help thousands of people.

She also said that people not using Too Good To Go can have a one-on-one conversation with her directly. She stated that food waste contributes 8% of greenhouse gas that is emitted globally. It is also responsible for almost $1.3 trillion amount of food.

This app is the ideal solution since it offers great value meals and the restaurant owners get a way to prevent food waste. She urged everyone to reduce food waste and give this app a try.

All Image And Featured Image Credits: Too Good To Go

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