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Flip Through The Top Sustainability Books To Have An Eco-Friendlier Lifestyle

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Sustainability was nothing more than a buzzword once. But now, it is more important than ever. With every environmental report sounding the alarm bells, all of us have to do all we can, no matter how small. These sustainability books will be a guide to just how easy it can be.

It is understandable if the present environmental issues look too big to be affected by what we do in our personal lives. But it does have an effect. If we have any care about the world we will leave behind to those who come later, then now is the time to step up.

This selection of sustainability books offers solutions as well as explaining the problems. After all, doing something is always better than just sitting back and doing nothing right?

Dave Goulson: The Garden Jungle


This lockdown, many of us may have taken up gardening if we had the space for it. But methods of gardening have different levels of sustainability as well. Dave Goulson, an expert in bumblebees, will tell you how to grow a wildflower meadow that will be a perfect home for earwigs, moths, and bees.  

Mike Berners Lee: How Bad Are Bananas?: The Carbon Footprint Of Everything


First published more than a decade ago, the monumental sustainability guide has been completely expanded and updated. The carbon footprint list includes Google searches, volcanoes, and bananas. Readers are armed with clear numbers as well as tools to increase sustainability and reduce carbon footprints. It might sound serious but it is a joy to read.

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Lonely Planet: Sustainable Escapes

Lonely Planet is known as being one of the best publishers for travel guidebooks. This one list the top destinations in the world which are eco-friendly. It also gives you tips about increasing sustainability while traveling.


The 180 destinations, or “escapes”, include an eco-lodge in Egypt which is entirely powered by candles made of beeswax. Each destination has brownie points for sustainability. They also have a more detailed accompaniment The Sustainable Travel Handbook.

Jack Monroe: Vegan(ish)

You might have heard of Jack Monroe from her budget cookbooks, and campaigns regarding poverty. She brings her budget recipes to plant-based dishes in this book which are affordable and simple. The glossy photos will be tempting you into making them too.


These are 100% vegan recipes. The “ish” represents Monroe’s belief that not using animal products benefits the environment as well as your finances.

Greta Thunberg: No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference

Greta Thunberg, the teenage climate activist, wrote this manifesto you can carry in your pocket. If it is designed to motivate all of us who feel like we have no power when facing climate change. That means most of us.


It has 11 speeches that Thunberg had written and given globally, including her UN speech. The result is this call to action in 80 pages.

Lucy Siegle: Turning The Tide On Plastic

The amount of plastic waste produced every year can circle Earth 4 times! It is estimated that by 2050, the oceans will have less fish and more plastic if we still don’t take powerful steps fast. Lucy Siegle is a sustainability journalist who presents many more such facts in the book. The book is also an accessible guide about reducing how much plastic we use.


Lucy knows the estimated number of single-use carrier bags, coffee cups, water bottles are used by an average person. Using that, she estimates that even if only 12 people follow her approach of reducing, rethinking, refilling, and reusing, then as much as 15,000 plastic items will be saved from landfills each year. Quite a big number right?

Lauren Bravo: How To Break Up With Fast Fashion

Every day we see a fast-fashion company make the headlines. Did you know that in the previous decade and a half, clothing production has nearly doubled globally? Lauren Bravo is a journalist and an experienced fashion aficionado. She decided to approach sustainability by tackling what she knew best: her habits of fast fashion.


The consequence is this book which never patronizes and is as honest as it can be. The tips for recycling, repairing, and getting lasting clothes (within a budget too) are absolutely fabulous.

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Jen Gale: The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide

The “-ish” definitely is an attention-grabber. Jen Gale had experience as a blogger before she became an author. Recently, she spent the whole year without buying anything new. Then, she made videos showing the progress of the challenge.


Now, the rules are more relaxed but Gale is still passionate about sustainable living. The book covers everything between food, fashion, travel, and work. She gives several hundred tips about how to do good daily without making any radical changes. Be prepared to have zero waste and live a life without plastic. Well, sort of.

Isabel Losada: The Joyful Environmentalist

You might think that “sustainability” is boring and drab. But it does not have to be. This guide is a feel-good journey that takes our hands and takes us through all the joyful solutions. It examines our lives minutely. Then it shows us how to do better without any fear of losing friends.


The book also details Isabel Losada’s inspiring, and sometimes comical, eco-journey as well. Apparently, it all started when she had a meltdown because of plastic cutlery. But the rest of the enjoyable story is there to be read. It is sure to reassure you if you are feeling anxious environmentally.

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