33% Of All Trees Are In Danger Of Becoming Extinct

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Trees are the most important component of the Earth. They are the support system of life on Earth. Without the greenery, life as we know would cease to exist. However, humans seem to have forgotten the importance of their green friend. As society is progressing, more and more cruelty is being catered to nature. Earth has lost a huge chunk of its green cover in the last decade.

Deforestation is the most important factor in depleting tree lines. Trees are being heartlessly butchered to construct multi-storeyed buildings for business gains. People need to understand that cutting down a significant amount of plants can be disastrous. It can cause a serious imbalance in the ecosystem. A recent survey stated that plants will face the risk of extinction if left unchecked. Let us study the whereabouts of the survey in detail below.

Trees Are In More Danger Than Wildlife?


A recent study was conducted by a group of environmentalists. Botanic Gardens Conservation International carried out a survey and came out with shocking results. The study revealed that a third of the world’s plants are facing the danger of being extinct. Many other species of trees are on the verge of vanishing. 

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The study stated that almost 17500 species of tree are facing the risk of extinction. 440 further species have less than 50 of them left. This meant that the danger faced by the Earth’s greenery is more than that faced by wildlife. 

Paul Smith is the General Secretary of BGCI. He stated that this study should open the eyes of everyone. It is evident from the report that our plants need to be taken care of. Two of the most endangered species were Dipterocarps & Magnolias. These are found predominantly in the rainforests of Southeastern Asia. Oak, Ebony & Maples are also on high alert, according to the study. 

Trees are an essential component of the ecosystem. It can also be used as an effective method of coping with global warming. Planting more trees will enable them to absorb more harmful carbon from the air. Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia ranks in the top three countries to be facing the most risk of tree extinction.  The other countries in the top six include China, Colombia & Venezuela. 

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