Meet Tulsi Gowda, ‘Encyclopedia Of Forest’ Who Collected Her Padma Shri Barefooted

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Tulsi Gowda has met the Indian President without wearing shoes! Gowda is of seventy-two years and resides in Karnataka. She is one of the most famous faces when it comes to the environment.

Her contributions towards the welfare of the environment are significantly huge. The environment has been plagued badly by human activities. As fast as we are making technological progress, we are also hampering the well-being of our environment.

A large amount of waste is being generated at every moment. These wastes are usually non-biodegradable. As a result, they are dumped mercilessly on the face of Earth. Chemical waste, e-waste, pollution are some gruesome examples of how the Earth’s health has been deteriorating over the years.

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These human activities are self-destructive in nature. The rising levels of pollution will in turn come back to haunt the humans. The extreme levels of pollution have resulted in a phenomenon called the greenhouse effect.

This effect traps harmful gases inside the Earth’s atmosphere making the surface temperature go up. A severe rise in the surface temperature can prove to be deadly. It will make the polar ice caps melt drastically.

The water levels will experience a significant rise and many cities will end up submerged under the water. To address all such issues, Tulsi Gowda decided to dedicate her life to the environment. Gowda belongs to the indigenous tribe of Halakki.

She was born and brought up in a very poor family. Despite not going to school ever, Gowda possesses immense knowledge about the forest.

Her vast knowledge about the plants and forests has earned her a prized nickname- “Encyclopedia Of Forest”. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Tulsi Gowda: The Encyclopedia Of Forest 

Tulsi Gowda was always fond of nature. Ever since her childhood days, the woman had a deep connection with nature. From the early age of twelve, the woman started taking care of thousands of plants and herbs.

She also started planting as many trees as she can. Gowda’s love for trees made her collaborate with the department of the forest. They worked hand in hand for a short time.

Her dedication towards her work soon earned her a permanent position in the Forest Department. It was while working here, she truly realized what her passion was. In order to honor all her great works, the central government of India decided to felicitate Tulsi Gowda.

The President of India, Ram Nath Kovind presented her with the “Padma Shri” award. This is the fourth highest civilian honor one can receive in India.

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Gowda was dressed up in traditional Indian attire. She wore a saree and did not wear any shoes as she walked up to the stage to receive the award. 

Tulsi Gowda Receives Padma Shri For Her Exceptional Work

The announcement was made and it sent waves of happiness through Tulsi Gowda. She was finally being rewarded for what she loved doing the most. Everyone is currently talking about the exceptional work of Tulsi Gowda.

Vishnu Vardhan Reddy is the State General Secretary of BJP in Andhra Pradesh. He confirmed the news about Gowda by posting on Twitter. He announced that Gowda will be felicitated by the President with a Padma Shri award.

He also mentioned that throughout her lifetime, Gowda has planted over 30000 trees. Gowda has also been involved with activities regarding the restoration of the environment. Tulsi Gowda remains a true inspiration and vows to continue her good work in the future. 

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