Turtles Made Free By New Zealand Man

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Turtles are one of the fascinating creations of nature. Unfortunately, the large-scale killing of the animals has made them endangered. Turtles are predominantly consumed as a meat option. They are being trapped and then sold in the market. 

A lot of acts have been passed to forbid the killing of the creature. However, it has become very much difficult to trace the illegal killings everywhere. As a result, the population of the water animal has gone down significantly. The situation has escalated to the point where the species has been declared endangered. Fortunately enough, there are environment enthusiasts that have come forward voluntarily. https://www.austinclinic.com.au/  

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A number of people have taken up the responsibility to help in the conservation of wildlife. They have devised their methods and have implemented them successfully. One such person is Arron Culling. He is a resident of Greymouth, New Zealand. Culling has always been a lover of nature. He found peace in greenery and admired the different creations of Mother Earth. 

Culling was very much pained to see the fate of the poor leatherbacks. Arron decided to change things for himself. Arron began to search for markets where the leatherbacks were sold. He then bought a turtle from the local market. Arron returned to the sea and untied the animal to set it free. This made him very much happy. He felt as if he was being able to contribute to the environment. 


Arron made up his mind and continued with his task. He buys several tortoises every day only to release them into the ocean. Arron has now shifted his operations to the Papua New Guinea region. 

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The region is yet to ban the killing of these endangered sea creatures. Thus, most of the local people have the liberty to hunt down turtles as per their wishes. Arron and one of his fellow mates decided to stem these killings. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Turtles Get New Life Courtesy Arron Culling 

Arron Culling takes a significant amount of hardship to save the lives of turtles. He spends hours locating a market where the leatherbacks are being sold. Arron then drives to the sea and releases them. 

Sometimes, he has to drive as far as five kilometers to the sea. Arron has clicked his deeds and posted the same on social media. The post immediately went viral. 

Thousands of people admired the work of Arron. The post reached a million likes within a few days. It was also shared by a lot of people. Arron had asked more people to come forward and do their part in conserving wildlife. 

However, this method has been highly criticized by Moby Solangi. Moby is the head at Institute For Marine Mammal Studies. Solangi stated that buying the turtles before releasing them provides revenue for the seller as well. 

This would encourage the sellers to catch the turtles and sell them. 

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