Two Honey Bees Collaborate To Open The Lid Of A Fanta Bottle; Netizens Are Bee-Wildered

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Recently a video surfaced on the internet and has taken people by complete surprise. This astounding clipping shows 2 honey bees who join forces together in order to push open the cap of a Fanta bottle.

This incredible moment has been captured and it is known to have taken place in Sao Paulo city in Brazil.

These 2 small honey bees did something unbelievable and startling, and it is something that nobody has ever seen before. As a result, the video went viral very quickly. People all over the world who watched this clipping were certainly left confused.

This impressive video was captured on the 17th of May. In addition, the person who filmed this clipping has shared his opinions. The filmer has mentioned that the video had been recorded at the time he was on his lunch break during work. He further added that he had bought a soda and soon enough the honey bees came and stole it from him.

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Amazing Stunt By Honey Bees

So the question arises as to what is so surprising and impressive about this video that has taken over the internet in such a short period of time?

honey bee

Basically, the video features 2 honey bees and a bottle of carbonated drink, Fanta. Gradually, both the honey bees are seen strategically aligning and taking suitable positions on either side of the cap of the Fanta bottle.

Then after taking the appropriate position, the 2 honey bees start to unscrew the lid of the Fanta bottle very slowly. The honey bees make use of their legs in order to unscrew the cap and push it upwards.

Soon enough, after some moments, the bees successfully manage to lift up the cap of the drink bottle. Following that they watch the top of this sugary drink bottle fall on the ground.

Since this video went viral, numerous people have posted their comments and added their opinions regarding this unexpected behavior and thrilling stunt by the 2 bees.

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Surprising Animal Behaviour

First of all, the honey bees certainly exhibited a strange stunt in the video as they are seen to position themselves on the lid of the bottle in a tactical manner. This position determines that it will be easier for them to unscrew the cap.


honey bee

Secondly, many people have stated that bees are naturally attracted to sugary drinks and things. So their immense dedication in opening the lid of this sugary drink is very commendable.

The footage also received a huge number of responses from users of social media across the planet. One of the users found this video extraordinary yet terrifying owing to the reason that the bees fantastically managed to work out the solution to their problem. Another user mentioned that they are willing to hire the bees to Fanta bottles while another person remarked they welcome insect overload.

Several scientific studies reveal that bees have always worked together in cooperation to achieve their purpose. Since the honey bees were in such proximity to a sweet drink, they worked in perfect coordination to get a taste of it.

Scientists have also been studying honey bees’ cognitive responses, and this video will certainly add valuable material for the study.

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