UK Shark Fin Ban Implemented To Aid Marine Life Conservation

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UK Shark Fin Ban has given ecologists a reason to smile. Finning sharks is a dreadful practice. The process requires the removal of the fins from the shark’s body. The body is then thrown away back into the water mercilessly. This practice is banned in several countries. Removal of shark fins is a big contributor towards its “endangered” status. After removing the fins, the animal can still breathe. However, when thrown back into the water, it can swim.

Sharks swim with the help of their fins.  Without their fins, the pot animals find it extremely hard to survive. As a result, they sink into the deep ocean and die out of suffocation. Sometimes, sharks are attacked by other aquatic animals, who kill them. In order to save the marine ecosystem, the UK Shark Fin Ban has been launched. Let us learn more about the rule below. 

UK Shark Fin Ban: An Essential Step Towards Humanity

The United Kingdom does not permit the legal finning of sharks. However, that has not stopped illegal businesses from flourishing. Fins of sharks hold a massive monetary value in today’s world. To meet the needs of shark fins, 70-100million sharks are sacrificed each year. The government of the UK has decided to take strict actions against this practice. 

Lord Goldsmith is the UK’s Minister of International Ocean. He announced that the country will completely stop the import and export of shark fins. He announced the move on 15th August. Goldsmith made it very clear that violation of the same will invite serious repercussions. He stated that detaching a body part from a living organism is a very inhuman practice. 

UK Shark Fin Ban aims to conserve the sharks and also restore the marine ecosystem. The number of sharks in the waters of the United Kingdom has decreased significantly. There are almost 500 different types of sharks dwelling in the water. Out of them, 143 are termed as endangered. Many other species have been categorized as vulnerable or critically endangered.  

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The UK Shark Fin Ban has been applauded by many. Ali Hood is the Shark Trust Conservation’s director. He praised the decision and expressed his happiness. He also expects the move to benefit the conservation of marine species largely. 

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