Sustainable Underground Refrigerator Keeps Food Cool Without Electricity

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We generally tend to ignore our wealth of traditional designs, though they deserve much more merit. One of its best illustrations is the underground fridge, the Groundfridge, a modern, updated form of the common cellar. Cellars were around for ages to both store food securely and protect, like bunkers during natural disasters.

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The underground refrigerator takes that traditional design a step ahead by bringing in refrigeration capabilities at the same time.

The underground refrigerator uses a simple trick of using the ground’s natural capacity to insulate and take advantage of the cooler nighttime temperatures. This combination of balanced capabilities gives you the capacity to store fruits, vegetables, cheese, and wine all around the year.


The underground refrigerator is ventilated with a fan that has been timed to replenish the nighttime’s cooler temperatures. And when the temperatures soar beyond control, you can use an extra cooler to keep it going, especially during the warmest months of the year.

Underground Refrigerator: The Natural Pop Up Cellar To Naturally Keep Your Food Cool

This underground refrigerator is kept dug in completely, and covered with the upturned soil, making an attractive mound. The covering soil layer is kept at around a meter thick. It has good insulation properties for retaining the core inner temperature inside the Groundfridge so that it barely fluctuates. The ventilator adds as a backup for temperature stability.

The greatest advantage is that the underground refrigerator can be transported quite easily, and you do not require a permit to place or install it. This system can turn into a sustainable addition in both individual family homes and housing societies aiming towards an eco-friendly way of living. Either way, this design stands out as a brilliant opportunity for a cool life without harming the environment.

The temperature in the underground refrigerator persists at a stable 10 to 12 degrees. This sustainable method of storing foodstuffs ensures that the costs to are kept at a minimum. Further, it doesn’t require any permission and no soil is disposed of during the process of digging and installation.

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The Groundfridge Is Easy To Transport, Install, And Requires No Permit

The inside part of the underground refrigerator is covered in smooth surfaces and wooden shelves. This gives the Groundfridge more space and gives it a spacious feeling too. Further, it is large enough to comfortably house two people at a time.

The underground refrigerator is also lightweight and easily dismantled, enabling it to be installed and transported quite easily. The entrance is built of sturdy materials and is very lightweight. It is high enough for even a tall person to walk in and out upright without compromising on comfort.

The temperature control inside the Groundfridge is maintained with the battery-driven ventilator that gives the user the choice of setting the ventilation timings according to their specifications.

The temperature inside the underground refrigerator is matched by the temperature outside. Other factors that affect the temperature inside are the type of soil, the groundwater level, the level of exposure to direct sunlight, the vegetation nearby, and the average temperature and humidity outside.

An extra active cooler helps circulate and cool down the inside air.

The underground is aesthetically pleasing and blends in quite easily with your backyard scenery. The mound to hold in the Groundfridge can be covered with grass or small plants to make it more effective. The windowless sphere is around 30 times more spacious than any regular fridge and is 6 times its diameter.

This device is not a total substitute for a regular refrigerator. While a standard one runs close to 40F (4C), this underground refrigerator keeps temperatures at around 52F (11-12C).

The Groundfridge is easy to transport and does not require any permit to move and install it. This system can become an alternative in family housing societies that are trying to move on to a more eco-friendly mode of living.

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