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Upcycled Bathtub: Man Makes Stunning Chairs From Discarded Bathtubs

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The exceptional creativity of a man has left many people stunned after he created chairs from an upcycled bathtub. The person is known just by his first name. Charles has become a rage on social media after his innovative and aesthetic tables and chairs wowed people.

Charles has created magic and has proved that his upcycled bathtub can both have an aesthetic appeal and also contribute to the environment through recycling a product that invariably is dumped once it gets rejected.

Many followers on social media offered to sell their damaged or old tubs to make a quick buck in the exchange. The pictures of the fancy tables and chairs made from the upcycled bathtub are now viral over social media and people have been effusive in their appreciation.

Creativity Flows Out Of An Upcycled Bathtub On Social Media

Charles has released pictures where he can be seen transforming the upcycled bathtub into various shapes with minimal effort. A picture with the end products showed them aesthetically placed with a garden as a backdrop, beautifully transforming the whole landscape.

Many people wanted to contact him to both buy his products and suggest ways of improving the chairs and tables. Some suggested that he could add cushions to his upcycled bathtub chairs to make them more comfortable. His tweet depicting the upcycled bathtub chairs and tables has already garnered over 69,000 likes plus numerous comments running into thousands, all praising his creations.

Some have even offered a business proposition to Charles. There is also another story of a Nigerian lady who makes grand tables by transforming old vehicle tires. The tables are fit for any modern home both in their looks and durability. Favour Oluma, the creator, is an alumnus of the Federal University of Technology in Minna. In one of the pictures she shared on Twitter, she is seen converting one of the tires into a table.

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Such innovation needs to be encouraged as creativity and beauty need not be expensive. Beautiful and handy products can be created from discarded materials. Then protect our environment by being recycled into regular use and also earn many people some money.

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