Upside Down Goose Spotted In Netherlands Sky

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Upside Down Goose was seen flying in the sky. The weird incident took place in Arnhem, Netherlands. Vincent Cornelissen is a professional photographer. He posted a picture on Instagram that instantly went viral. The photograph shows a Bean goose flying in the sky. What was abnormal was the position of the goose. The bird seemed to be flying upside down. People took great interest in watching the video. The video gathered a large number of views in a short period. Everyone discussed the possible reasoning behind the incident. The upside down goose has surely raised quite a few eyebrows. More details along with a possible explanation are discussed below. 

Upside Down Goose Startles People 

Many occurrences take place in a world that might seem weird to the naked eye. However, there is certainly more going on in this world than what meets the naked eye. Such an incident seems to have taken place in Arnhem city. A photograph of a goose flying upside down raised eyebrows. People soon started speculating on the possible causes. Some straight-up threw the “supernatural” theory. 

The photographer stated that while having the bird snapped, he noticed something unusual. The bird was not looking fine. It seemed to have been struggling with the flight. Initially, Vincent thought that the strong wind was the cause of discomfort for the bird. After framing the bird, Vincent was afraid no one would trust him. The scenery was so unique that it looked like it had been edited. 

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Lots of theories have been flung in. People have brainstormed a great deal to come up with a feasible point. Some citizens stated that the goose might have suffered an injury. However, renowned photographer Lars Soerink came up with the possible theory. He stated that the upside down goose was showing off its skills. 

Soerink stated that young geese tend to show off their newly learned tricks. Lars joked about the fact that if he possessed the power of flying, he would flaunt that in every way possible. The upside down goose seems to be having a great day while it leaves the people wondering and startled. 

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