US Wildfires Rage Out Of Control As Heat Waves Continue Unabated

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The relentless heatwave has led US wildfires to rage out of control in the western parts. Temperatures have soared to record levels and there are little signs of a respite for millions of residents of around 11 states.

The situation is among the worst in California as the administration is having to rotate power supply across areas to cope with interstate lines destroyed. And there have been casualties caused by US wildfires as two firefighters lost their lives as their plane crashed as it was responding to an emergency call.

Temperatures in Las Vegas matched the previous high as the temperatures touched 117F (47.2C) this Saturday. The situation is so bad that water droplets sprayed by aircraft to control US wildfires are evaporating before touching the ground.

This comes weeks after record temperatures have killed hundreds as heatwaves continue unabated across the western parts. June temperatures were the hottest ever, said the Earth Observation Program of the EU.

Extreme and high-impact weather conditions such as the US wildfires are expected to increase in intensity if the current rate of increase in global warming continues. It is likely to cause hard rain, severe droughts, and freezing conditions alternatively. Hurricanes are expected to become more ferocious and frequent.

Science has established that the extreme weather conditions in the US and western Canada are linked directly to global climate change.

Arizona Pays Tribute To The 2 Victims Of US Wildfires

The Land Management Bureau of Arizona paid tributes to the two firefighters who lost their lives during an aerial reconnaissance of the fire in the Cedar Basin which was caused by lightning.

The agency expressed its heartfelt condolences to the families and loved ones of the two firefighters who were affected by the tragic crash. The accident took place around noon near Wikieup on Saturday, a small community. The firefighters are yet to be named and there was no further information about the tragic incident.

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US wildfires also forced evacuation on the Nevada-California border as lightning set off fires in the forest regions of the Sierra Nevada. A particular fire doubled its size within a day by Saturday. The columns of ash and the dry heat and smoke caused the fire to generate lightning on its own.

A fire in Oregon in the Fremont-Winema forest damaged power lines and led to appeals to residents in California for limited use of electricity.

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