Vegan Fridays Implemented In New York City Schools

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Vegan Fridays are now a very common name in New York City. Society has gotten very health conscious in the last few years. Previously, we did not pay a lot of attention to what we ate.

However, changing lifestyles and the risk of major diseases occurring in young people have made the mass health conscious. Recent studies have portrayed that the risk of heart diseases in young people is greater now. This is predominantly because of the sedentary lifestyle that most people follow.

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Lack of physical activity makes the metabolism of the body slow. A large part of the mass is heavily dependent on junk foods now. This usually happens due to a lack of time. People are so busy with work that they don’t have time to prepare food. Junk foods harm the body significantly.

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It contains high amounts of cholesterol and calories that contribute to heart disease. In order to solve the problem, dieticians and doctors have advised people to switch to a healthy diet.

Wholesome foods are being heavily preferred over packaged items. Hitting the gym or going for a run daily is also an effective way of targeting the fat cells of the body. Such a concept of clean eating is being heavily promoted in schools of New York City.

Eric Adams is the new Mayor of the state. He has stressed the fact that the health of the citizens was of utmost importance. Thus, they should be incorporated into a healthy eating habit right from childhood.

All the schools have been instructed to serve only vegetarian foods on Fridays. The concept of Vegan Fridays stresses the importance of clean and healthy eating. Almost 930,000 students are expected to benefit from the initiative.

The cafeterias of all the schools have already been informed by the government about the Vegan Fridays initiative. 

Vegan Fridays Will Bring A Change Hopes Adams 

Eric Adams did not want the resident of his state to repeat the same mistake as him. Adams was not keen on eating healthy food while he was young. He gobbled up anything and everything that he could.

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This affected his health significantly. The Mayor developed diabetes which gave him immense trouble. Thankfully, the Mayor switched to a more healthier vegan diet. This diet plan helped him recover a lot.

Eating vegetarian foods boosted the metabolism of the body and helped him fight with diabetes. Thus, the Mayor is now keen on incorporating the same habits in the children. New York City has earlier successfully imposed the Meatless Mondays and Fridays rule.

On these days, no meat is available for consumption in the whole district. The menus for the Vegan Fridays will be accessible via the Department Of Education website. These menus will be updated once a month. 

Vegan Fridays: Towards A Healthy Tomorrow

The implementation of Vegan Fridays has been praised by a lot of people. A statement has been issued by the Department of Education recently.

They stated that the DOE is always committed to bringing the best for the children. Be it education or proper diet. They emphasized the importance of eating a proper and wholesome diet.

This would not only help the children be healthy but will also help them concentrate more. Jenna Lyle is the associated press secretary. Jenna said that it was a welcome move from the government to provide variety of options to the diet regime of the children. 

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