Vegan Sneakers Made Of Balloons: Nuven Released For Public

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Vegan shoes are in the market and are winning over the internet.

Vegan Sneakers

The regular shoe industries rely majorly on animal leathers and plastic. The focus has been switched to selecting Earth and animal-friendly substances for making vegan shoes. Undo for Tomorrow is one such brand that released Nuven. Nuven is a vegan sneaker that is made up of recycled balloons and other materials that are sustainable. 

The brand, Undo for Tomorrow started in Rio de Janeiro in 2018. It is currently based in Lisbon but it still manufactures its products in Brazil. The brand works with a fair-trade policy that bears similar values. 

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The partner is a factory that is owned by a family. The partners have strong views on environmental responsibilities and prefer to maintain good working conditions and salaries. They use high-quality materials and invests in updated machinery. The supply is also controlled within the Brazilian markets. 

About The Vegan Sneakers

Vegan Sneakers

The line of vegan sneakers is unisex and available in 4 colors: dark gray, blackbird, desert camel, and vanilla rainbow. The sneakers are light but durable. The vegan shoes are made up of materials that are recycled and are coated with weatherproofing elements to keep them dry at all times.

The inner parts are made of bamboo fibers. This makes the vegan sneaker fight odors while acting as an anti-bacterial material. The inner part of the sole is made up of castor oil and is extracted from seeds. The oil is biodegradable and acts as a perfect alternative to petroleum. 

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Vegan Sneakers

The upper part of the vegan sneakers is made up of recycled plastic bottles. The midsole is made up of recycled smooth foam. The foam offers a soft cushion, support, and flexibility. The outsole is made up of recycled party balloons and tire pieces. The vegan sneakers are slip-resistant and also have a colorful appearance.

The line of vegan sneakers was launched via crowdsourcing and was shortly funded on IndieGogo. The manufacture of these vegan sneakers dated in June and the shipments are to be initiated in August 2021.

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