Environmentally Incapacitated Infrastructure Bill Considered By The US Senate

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We have seen various disasters in the news where we saw survivors of the Oregon Fire looking at their burnt homes and several fires in the Eastern Hemisphere. Now, the US Senate is considering an infrastructure bill that is stripped of its initial aims. The Infrastructure Bill was aimed to combat the changes in the climate.

Infrastructure Bill

There are droughts, smokes, and fire on the western side of the Mississippi and rampant floods on the Eastern banks of the same river. Anne Golden believes that such incidents are straight from the Bible and it feels like the plague is on. Anne lost her home due to the Bootleg Fire in Oregon.

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Colorado has witnessed several mudslides due to 3 days of heavy rain on the mountainside. This slope had experienced a wildfire the previous year, in Grizzly Creek. The landslide had halted the traffic on the I-70 and more than 100 people were forced to stay in their vehicles for the night. The road was blocked with large boulders. The US Senate was forced to act on the Infrastructure Bill to make way for funds for climate change.

Infrastructure Bill

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The Mediterranean has also seen its worst. Dry heat had led to wildfires all over the region. Parts of Italy and Sicily are still burning from the heat. Turkey had witnessed its wild animals on fire and more than 8 people were reported to be dead. 

The Discussions About The Infrastructure Bill

The negotiation for this Bill had frustrated several lawmakers.  The Progressives wanted an Infrastructure Bill that would pay attention to these crises and they went for rejection if the climate issues were not addressed.

Infrastructure Bill

The Progressives introduced a $10 Trillion Infrastructure Bill also known as the THRIVE Act. The Infrastructure Bill aimed at reducing emissions and giving a boost to the justice departments in the next 10 years. Sharp cuts were made to the Infrastructure Bill after negotiations after the bipartisan deal. 

The Bill included billions of dollars to assist in climate resilience and grid updates. It also included half a trillion for the latest public works. The Infrastructure Bill forgot to establish a Civilian Climate Corp and a Clean Electricity Standard. It just included $7.5 billion for building newer EV charging stations.

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