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Wellness Apps Launched By These Celebs Tries To Create A Healthier Society

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Unlike popular opinion, celebrities are similar to us. However, it is worth noting that the finest in Hollywood have some exceptionally luxurious life. Therefore, these famous and rich people need to take a break from their work in order to have a healthy mental and physical well-being. 

As a result, several celebrities have created their own wellness apps that will greatly help people stay healthy just like them.

Some popular wellness apps by celebrities are listed below.

Chris Hemsworth- Centr

Some years ago, Chris Hemsworth has initiated his fitness cum wellness app named Centr. This app helps us in connecting with the team of workout experts and nutritionists who have been hand-picked by the actor himself. On 12th May, this popular Australian actor led and then informed an in-app series called ‘Learn to Meditate’ that will serve as an amazing place to begin meditation.

Every session will have a different topic including stress release, breathing, focus, sleep visualization, body scan, peak performance, and motivation. Hemsworth also mentioned that a few small meditation sessions can make us feel calm and peaceful within a short span of time.

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Jessica Ennis-Hill- Jennis

Jessica Ennis-Hill is an ex-field and track athlete. In 2019 June, she has launched her brand that includes a fitness app named Jennis. Her primary purpose behind creating this wellness app was to share her fitness and health training and knowledge with numerous women across the world.

Her wellness app costs $12.99 each month and we can access a detailed workout plan based on our present age and professional routine. This app also provides workout routines to pregnant women as well as women with various body types. In addition, Jennis helps women prepare for preliminary Olympic gains.

Gwyneth Paltrow- G. Spotting

Wellness App

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Even though this app of Gwyneth Paltrow is not exactly a wellness app, it is a very popular yet strange app to lead a healthy lifestyle. Her wellness app is called Goop which has now been expanded as a travel app named G. Spotting. This app offers the users various tricks and tips to navigate new places according to the purpose of life business, vacation, or research. This app is truly as bizarre as the popular celeb, Gwyneth.

Matthew McConaughey, LeBron James, And Others- Calm


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Calm is an extremely famous meditation app that offers Sleep Stories for adults. It was first launched in 2018 and it hired numerous celebrities to narrate bedtime stories for adults. The celebs include LeBron James, Harry Styles, Laura Dern, and many others.

Even though these celebs do not own or did not create this app, they definitely expanded the marketability. Their narration style made the adult stories peaceful and serene making it easier for adults with sleep issues to sleep better.

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Carrie Underwood- Fit52


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Carrie Underwood was the winner of American Idol and received immense popularity. Soon she started her wellness app named Fit52 in 2020 March. This app is aimed at fitness purposes that offer 52 different types of exercise routines that any person can do at any time and any place.

The routines include running, weightlifting, and others with a curated playlist attached to each routine. This playlist has the songs sung by the singer-owner herself. Although these routines are quite difficult, it is worth the effort.

Amanda Kloots- Fitness

Amanda Kloots is best known as a dancing queen and a very popular star of a talk show. Recently she also launched her own app under the name Amanda Kloots Fitness. This Talkshow hostess has taken the initiative to spread her energy through toning workouts and cardio.

Her app also provides jump, rope, and other classes as well. Furthermore, it has live classes, to-minute exercises, and DIY videos for people with busy schedules.

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