Whale Pushes Woman In Paddleboard

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The whale is a giant mammal residing in the deep waters of the ocean. It is an aquatic mammal that can be found in plenty. They do not usually come close to human contact. Neither do they bother us? However, a few incidents happen that can send chills through our spine. Such an incident took place in the waters of Argentina.

A recent video has taken social media by storm. The video records an account of a woman having a close shave encounter with a Whale. The woman was seen to be paddleboarding along the ocean. Suddenly the unthinkable happened. A whale came towards the paddleboard and curiously gave it a gentle push. This was enough to rattle the board and disbalance the woman standing on it. The whole incident was recorded on a drone camera. 

Whale Caught On Camera, Woman Has Close Shave


A whale came threateningly close to a woman on a paddleboard. Fans and followers going through the spine-chilling video were left dumbstruck. A drone camera set up by a photographer near Puerto Madryn captured the incident. The photographer stated that it was the best account of a Whale encounter he has ever recorded. 

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The video portrayed the image of giant cetacean swimming directly in the direction of a woman. The woman was on a paddleboard. The mammal then pushed the boat out of curiosity. It perhaps wanted to check for food. The nudge made the boat tilt forward and scared the lady. The cetacean did not bother the woman much and swam its way just beneath the boat. This sighed relief to the woman.  

The video of the Whale has gone berserk on social platforms. It has till now amassed a whooping view of 1.6m. The people had mixed reactions after watching the incident. Some people commented about the friendly nature of the mammal. They stated that the animal was just being playful. However, most people are terrified at the thought of what if the boat turned upside down. All of them wished the lady luck and thanked the almighty for keeping her safe. The duration of the discussed video is fifty-four seconds. 

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