White Rhino: A Rare Species Witnessed By Suffolk Zoo

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White Rhino has been born at the Suffolk Zoo. These breeds of rhinos are one of the rarest species present in the world. They are also called square-lipped rhinos. The animal has a wide mouth that helps it in grazing. This species is also known to be the most friendly of the rhinoceros family. 

There are two types of species. The southern white rhinoceros and the northern white rhinoceros. The southern ones are the most commonly found breeds. However, the northern rhinos are very much rare. They are labeled as endangered and are on the verge of extinction. 

The animal has a huge stature. Some of them are as big as elephants. The average weight of the animals is usually more than that of a hippopotamus. The main reason why animals are so rare is poaching. A lot of rhinos are killed every day for their horns. The horns of the rhinoceros are believed to have magical properties.

White Rhino

Many people buy them illegally to decorate their houses. The demand for rhino skin and horns is significantly high in the illegal market. This resulted in the large-scale killing of these animals. Other factors associated with the rhinos being endangered are climate change and loss of habitat. 

Pollution is on the rise in today’s world. It has resulted in changes in climatic conditions. The rhinos could not stand the whimsical climates and are getting affected severely. Deforestation has also compelled them to flee from their usual habitat. 

Thus, it is a great pleasure when a white rhino is born. That is exactly what happened at the zoo in Kessingland. The caretakers reported the birth of a rare rhino species recently. The authorities were in awe after witnessing the scene. They expressed their joy by calling the incident a “miracle”. Let us learn more about the birth of a white rhino in detail below.

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White Rhino Birth Makes Zookeepers Happy 

The festivities at the Suffolk zoo have been doubled. The birth of a baby rhino made everybody jump up in excitement. The animal was born to a nine-year-old rhinoceros, Nijri. Zimba is the father of the baby, who is thirteen years of age.

White Rhino

Authorities are yet to finalize a name for the baby rhino yet. Medical examinations will be conducted soon to check its health and confirm its gender. According to Africa Alive, this was the first instance when a white rhino was born in the zoo. 

Graeme Williamson is in charge of the living department. He was found ecstatic at the time of his interview. Williamson expressed his joy by stating that the baby was a blessing from God. He believed that it would be a lucky charm for the zoo in the future. 

Nijri is being kept under constant medical surveillance. A close look has been kept towards her health. The nine-year-old mother seemed healthy and happy as of now. The newly born calf is Nijri’s first child.

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White Rhino Baby Is Now The Darling Of The Zoo 

Rhinos usually leave their group when anyone is pregnant. After they have given birth, the moms take their time and join the flock afterward. In order to provide Nijri with the best possible natural habitat, an artificial suite was prepared. 

She was kept in the suite alone and was constantly checked by a closed-circuit monitor. The White Rhinos were almost getting extinct when the initiative to conserve them was undertaken. 

Fortunately, the program succeeded and currently, the number of white rhinos stands at 18000. The newly born baby is enjoying all kinds of hospitality and has become the darling of the zoo.

All Image Credits: Africa Alive

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