World Environment Day 2021: United Nation’s Impactful Campaign

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World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th of June. This year, this special day is being honored in a very unique manner by the United Nations. The UN has decided to launch the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. This inspiring and much-needed campaign introduced by the UN is going to be a 10-year plan.

The Ecosystem Restoration that will commemorate World Environment Day 2021, will be making the authorities think over the different ways to protect the ecosystem. This plan will be largely directed towards preventing the degradation of the natural ecosystem all over the world.

The 5th Of June will also witness the largest awareness campaign that had initially been launched by the UN during the 1970s. This time of the year we would see our environmentalists, students, global leaders, and civil societies take a stand to reflect on the impacts of human activities on the earth.

World Environment Day serves as a time to reflect on the unique and workable solutions which will help us in mitigating several issues like plastic pollution, deforestation, melting ice caps, and others. The UN is driving this amazing 10-year campaign that intends to stop and reverse the deterioration of our natural world.

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UN Theme & Plan For World Environment Day

The theme for the World Environment Day by the UN is ‘Reimagine, Recreate, Restore’. The UN has informed, that on this day, the human population should resolve to bring about small changes in the lifestyle we lead. This will help us in restoring the natural order of things.

Banning single-use plastics, curbing deforestation practices, or infusing more green in the concrete jungles in the urban areas are a few of the ways to reimagine and recreate. These practices will greatly help in the process of healing Mother Earth.

World Environment Day

This year is going to be fully dedicated to the restoration of the natural ecosystem. Normal human lives have been disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The most far-reaching and long-term impact can be seen in the collapse of the relationship between the natural ecosystem and the human system.

As a result, the UN is expecting to create widespread awareness in order to reverse irresponsible and mindless practices. They are the main reasons behind the pollution in the cities and coastal areas as well as the loss of forest land.

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Sustainable Practices To Restore

World Environment Day had started in 1972 and the General Assembly of the UN had decided on celebrating this day every year. Consequently, the UN decides on new and relevant themes on an annual basis. Pakistan is the host country that will celebrate this exceptional day this year.

Every human being must join forces in order to prevent the unpleasant traps of displacement, diseases, and hunger. Following this, we will be able to restore some part of the past glory and save millions of threatened wildlife on the verge of extinction.

Degradation has severe and long-lasting impacts on the planet including:

I: Decrease in food products due to land degradation.

II: This often results in the infertility of the soil.

III: The conflict between wildlife and humans will increase due to deforestation.

IV: Deforestation might continue at a much larger capacity and alarming rates.

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly toned down the everyday pace of human activities. However, we are miles from making big changes in restoring our ecosystems. Nonetheless, on this World Environment Day, we can definitely adopt more sustainable and eco-friendly ways of living. We must think green and plant more.

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