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World’s First Zero-Emission Ship To Set Sail With No Crew Onboard!

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The world’s first zero-emission ship will soon be setting sail with no crew on board. This new zero-emission ship is the world’s 1st 7MWh electric autonomous cargo ship. Yara International, a company based in Norway has claimed to create this electric ship. The company plans to move cargo autonomously with it. 

More Details About Yara Birkeland, The World’s First Zero-Emission Ship!

In 2017, the concept of this cargo ship, known as the Yara Birkeland cargo ship came into reality. Later in 2021, this zero-emission ship looks to set sail with no crew on board. In 1905, Yara International was founded. The primary goal of this company was to fight the famine that was going on in Europe in that year. The world’s 1st nitrogen fertilizer was also created by Yara International. It is now the largest business of the company.

While the main goal of the company was to fight against hunger, many of its other goals include introducing sustainable practices in agriculture and emissions abatement. The Yara Marine Technologies was first created to fight toxic Nitrogen Oxides and Sulphur Oxides emissions. In 2017, Yara International first started conceptualizing the design of the fully electric, autonomous zero-emission ship to reduce toxic emissions in the atmosphere. 

Today, the zero-emission ship, called the Yara Birkeland, remains afloat in a harbor in Norway. The name of the ship also has an interesting history to it. It got its name from the famous researcher of Norwegia who first added Nitrogen to fertilizers. According to CNN, this zero-emission ship will be making its 1st autonomous sail between two towns in Norwegia (Brevik to Heroya) by the end of this year. While this ship will have no crew on board, it will still be monitored and supervised closely by 3 control centers.

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However, humans will be required for unloading and loading cargo from this ship. According to the plant manager of the factory of Yra in Porsgrunn, Jon Sletten, most operations will be carried out eventually through AI or autonomous technology. The technology will also include autonomous straddle carriers and cranes to move containers off and on the ship. The first zero-emission ship will soon be setting sail by the end of 2021.

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