Wuhan Facility Highlights Continuing Chinese Intransigence On Wildlife Misuse

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Wuhan, the ground zero for COVID-19 is infamous for the active trade in wild animals, including many that might have a link to the spread of the virus. China’s notorious stonewalling tactics have thwarted every effort to get to the bottom of the investigation into the origin of the virus. The Wuhan wet market could hold vital evidence on its origins.

Notorious for dealing in exotic animals whose trade is banned in civilized countries, the Wuhan market dealt in thousands of wild animals immediately before the outbreak.

Wuhan ‘Rescue Center’ Source Of Animals For Experiments


China’s evasiveness for months after the first case was detected led to the spread of the virus beyond its shores. And the picture hasn’t changed much despite the loss of 4.47 lives across the world. The Hubei Wildlife Rescue Centre close to the famous lakes in the eastern part of Wuhan still resonates with the shriek of trapped animals. They are kept there for live experiments and not for any humane motive as its name suggests.

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The Centre is affiliated with the notorious Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), the suspected center of the first outbreak. The institute is one of the 2 bio-laboratories in Wuhan and the suspected source of the COVID-19 virus, the consequence of an experiment gone awry.

The ‘rescue center’ houses multiple veterinary clinics, facilities for monkeys, reptiles, and amphibians. It also houses a sick bay for animals. Netting all around the center keeps the animals and birds from escaping.

The Wuhan ‘rescue center’ is situated in Hongshan district in a hilly location. Close by is the Jiufeng Forest Zoo, a private facility that was closed only in January 2020, by which time the virus had spread beyond China’s shores.

Overwhelming Evidence Points To Wuhan As Source Of Covid-19

Multiple intelligence and medical sources have pointed to Wuhan as the source of the virus and evidence continues to emerge that the ‘rescue center’ and the Wuhan Institute of Virology were the source. G7 leaders have demanded a transparent and evidence-based investigation into the origin of COVID-19, led by the WHO.

But with both the institute and the ‘rescue center’ out of bounds due to the intransigence of the Chinese authorities, little headway is expected on that front.

Repeated requests to the agencies responsible have elicited no response. Despite overwhelming evidence of the involvement of the institute and the ‘rescue center,’ the authorities have refused to allow international access to the facilities or a thorough investigation. But experts maintain that there is overwhelming evidence that points to spillover from animals to humans.

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