Yulan Magnolia Flowers Just Look Like Beautiful Birds

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Mother Nature has provided us with an optical illusion that has blown our minds away. These flowers look quite similar to birds. We all love a good trick of the eye and this catches our attention really quick.

yulan magnolia

About The Yulan Magnolia Flowers

These flowers are Yulan Magnolias which are native to China. The flower looks extremely beautiful and is pink in color. The flower is quite fragile and bears a citrus scent.

yulan magnolia

Beijing is famous for its springtime which is said to be the nicest time to visit the city. During this time around Magnolia, flower species is a beautiful site altogether, and apparently, magnolia flowers in buds look like little pink birds resting on branches in a park in Beijing. It reflects the beauty and vibrancy of springtime in Beijing.

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The month of Yulan is March. The flowers are in full blossom even before their leaves stretch out from their branches, which makes them even more special. This makes it easier for you to spot and appreciate the blooming flowers.

yulan magnolia flower

You can find these beautiful flowers in most parks, gardens, and greenbelts along the streets of Beijing.

 The petals are of different colors, shades, and shapes.

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The History Of The Beautiful Flower

The history of this flower dates back many years and had been raised for almost 1,500 years in the Buddhist temple gardens.

yulan magnolia

The Yulan Magnolias are seen as a symbol of purity and were planted along the sides of the emperor’s palace during the Tang Dynasty in China.

The Yulan Magnolias bloom during the spring season.  When their blossoms appear, these flowers look just like tiny little birds.

The flowers lose this illusion as soon as the petals of each blossom start to open up. 

For a certain period of time, you can look at these flowers and question if it really is a flower or just a bird.

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